Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some EVE lingo

In no particular order

Cyno-Special field that creates a temporary bridge from one system to another and allows ships to travel from their Jump origin to the destination cyno field. When a Cyno field is lit everyone in the local solar system can see it on their overview (general information tab) and warp to it. Be it friendly or hostile. While a cyno module is activated the pilot cannot move their ship until it is deactivated. Typical Cyno fields stay active for 10 minutes.

Jump Bridge: aka JB: A space bridge that allows ships with or without a jump drive to jump from one system to another. JB's typically consume liquid oxygen as a cost for its use, Titans can act if fitted properly as a mobile jump bridge which allows Fleets to be "dropped" onto a unsuspecting enemy. Standard Jump Bridges are put on Player Owned Stations to connect one system to another and can only be used if both P.O.S.'s are online and if the pilot knows the POS password. Titan JBs can be used by anyone who is in the same fleet as the Titan but only if there is a destination cyno within range. Also note that a Titans JB is limited to around 30 seconds of usage before the Titan pilot must consume more fuel to maintain the Jump bridge connection.
So pilots must be paying attention for when the Titans JB is active so they can jump in and engage the enemy before its too late the portal closes.
**Jump bridges are typically used to bypass gate camps and systems altogether as counter intelligence measures.

Gate: A transwarp device that allows ships to "jump" from one system to another. Each gate can only connect to one nearby system. Gates, depending on their location may be natural choke points to certain systems are a sometimes camped which are referred to as "Gate camps" where players will sit within attack range of the gate in hopes of catching any pilots attempting to use it or coming through from the other side.

Tackle/Pointed: "I've been 'Tackled' at the G95 gate I need assistance!" Being tackled or "pointed" refers to having a enemy friendly or npc lock you and disrupt your warp drive or jump drive, preventing you from escaping by means of warp or jumping. If you are pointed or tackled you must either destroy the person or NPC tackling/pointing you or disrupt their lock through ECM.
**In my experience You say "tackled" when your warp drive has been disrupted and you say "pointed" when referring to a enemies warp drive being disrupted. Though it might just be a matter of preference.
***Warp disruption can be disabled through use of Warp core stabilizer low slot modules. But this is ill advised as such modules greatly inhibit your targeting range and have stiff penalties. Using them is only a desperation tactic to ensure your retreat. Not for fighting. 1 warp core stabilizer can counter 1 unit of disruption. 1 Warp disruptor uses 1 unit of disruption 1 Warp scrambler uses 2 unit of disruption but half the range of a Warp disruptor. So to block the effects of a warp scrambler you wuld need 2 Warp core stabilizers provided there is only 1 enemy tackler. **Interdiction ships cannot be countered by warp core stabs.

ECM: Electronic Counter Measure: There are 5 ECM types. Multi-spectral which effects all types and the racials that effect specfic race types of ships. ECM modules can disuprt a players target lock making them (if the ECM hit lands) lose their target and not target anything for upwards of 20 seconds or longer.
**This can be countered by ECCM modules (electronic counter counter modules)

Bubbles: Refers to Interdiction bubbles: "BUBBLE UP A THE GATE !" interdiction bubbles are fields ranging from 10 to 15 to 50 kilometer bubbles that surround either a launch able warp interdiction bubble or a heavy interdiction cruiser. Any ship caught inside these "bubbles" warp drives and jump drives will not function and cannot escape. "Bubbles up" means for designated interdiction pilots to launch or active their Interdiction units and "Bubbles down" means for said pilots to deactivate or destroy the interdiction units.

H-W: One of the staging system's for the Norther Coalition. Notable for being the target of the Southern Coalition during the Max 2 war.

Ratting: Refers to playing versus environment or non playable characters which are typically referred to as "rats" killing rats in most events results in bountys collected if those pirate NPCs are wanted criminals while other rewards may come from killing rare pilots or specific anti pirate missions.

SB: Stealth bomber, Small Frigates that can fit Torpedo launchers that can normally only be put on Battleship class vessels. Their main purpose however lies with their ability to equip Cover ops cloaking devices which allow vessels to warp while cloaked and use Bomb launchers. Bombs can only be launched from 30km away but yeild a explosive blast 15 kilometers in diameter. Bombs do very high damage but most battlecruiser class ships (or larger)have enough hitpoints in either their shields armor or structure to survive the blast of one. Their terrifying power comes from being launched in tandem with other stealth bombers. SB fleets have been known to take out several battleships and smaller vessels in one bomb run if the enemy fleet has been foolish enough to group their ships too close together. Aside from the bombs the torpedo bonus's that a SB can use should not be ignored. They pack enough DPS alone to rival most Battleships, however because of this overwhelming attack power SB defense are literally paper thin. One well place hit will kill most Stealth Bombers.

Ill be adding to this one over time, as theres more to be told.

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