Monday, June 14, 2010

Greetings and "My EVE story part 1"

Hello to the "blogging fad" and somewhat new to the EVE online community. I've never been real good on introductions and what not so lets get to it.

I started this blog to tell those that know me and those that don't about my time in a little game known as EVE online.

My gamertag in this game as in every game I put effort into is "Apackof12Ninjas" The name comes from a joke during a FPS game and I will tell that story at another time.

Currently I am a proud member of "Reliables INC" aka 23-7 corporate member of Majesta Empire allied to the Northern Coalition. But before I get into all that I think I will recap my history in EVE online.

Lets did I come across EVE...

I frequent several forums on the interwebs and one day whilest talking to a then friend on one of them I came across a thread depicting this story known as "The Great Scam"

It truly sparked my interest into this wonderful dog eat dog universe and I have always been a fan of Sci-Fi spaceship blowing each other up. (IE Star Trek Star Wars etc) So when a few forum buddies asked me to try it out with them I did.

I was deciding what race to start out with and was told "You can pick the race with missiles, lasers or guns or the one with robots that fly around and do your bidding (drones)"
Naturally I choose the race with the robots (Gallante) not knowing a thing about the game other then what I read in "The Great Scam" and from the stories my forum buddies told me. I entered the game and this little old joke did'nt do the learning curve justice. EVE online is one tough game to get used to, in fact I'm still getting used to it.

I spent and lost several hundred million isk of me and my buddies money. Never even scored any kills until I was picked up by a training corp. Which was kind enough to show me the ropes but was at the time weighed down by too much incompetent leadership (excluding the CEO) and not enough base players so we went our separate ways. At the time of the split I had finally gotten one of my best friends to start playing the game and we had just joined a new corp in a alliance that lived inside a class 3 wormhole.

Learned alot of things in there. Such as:
Never outstay your welcome in other wormholes
Don't simply warp to someone screaming for help (organize fleet first)
Getting that many people to permanently live in a wormholes is retarded.
oh and never smack talk in local...

We had around 120-200 players living in one class 3 wormhole got constantly raided by other wormholes and could not win a fight to literally save our ships with rare exception.
By the time we had some new corps with some capable FCs (Fleet Commander) step up the beginning of the end had already started.

Hulkageddon 2 was in full swing and one of the former founders of the alliance's alts corp had lost several retrievers and hulks. In response he proceeded to smack in local which earned them a war dec which put their high sec POS (player owned station) at risk. He cries for help and one of the current alliance leaders gets roughly 1/4 of the alliance leadership to agree and war dec the corp that war dec'ed the former alliance leaders corp. Those few then lied to the rest of the leadership and told us that the former leader was the victim not the cause of this mess.

We organize (pathetically) go out and blob/camp the enemy corp and what does our leadership and members decide to do? Smack talk in local...and I dont mean that mildly. They really just stupidly go at them.

Little did our alliance know but local smack talk was drawing much un-wanted attention from a Merc corp known as "Hells Rejects" who followed us to our wormhole scouted us and wanted to make a example of us to show what happens when you smack talk that much in local.

The first corp that dec'ed us droppd the dec but our idiotic leaders wanted blood and re-dec'ed them.

Shortly there after we get war dec'ed by Hells Rejects. The alliance leadership panics, I push for the war dec against the original corp that dec'ed us to be dropped as The guy we were helping out refused to help us, which was agreed to, then promptly ignored. The arrogance and egos of these so called alliance leaders was astounding if not pathetic. But they were quickly put in their place in the events to follow. One of the alliance leader again unilaterally decided that calling in all their high sec newblets into the WH was best idea to avoid overwhelming loss's but failed to realize that calling in that many people into a WH was bound to attract unwanted attention, and that led The Hells Rejects straight to us.

Soon enough The Rejects make it into our WH via their scouts and pop several of our pilots. One of which called for assistance and was ignored. Due to this inaction and the gross incompetence of the leadership him and his corp decided to pull out of the WH and make negotiations with the Rejects for a "Cease fire" which was honored, however as they were moving supplies out of the WH and new member from one of the main corps claimed to have been fired upon by the corp leaving. Which resulted in the overzealous attack on the leaving corp which immediately brought in reinforcements and decimated the attacking force with the help of Hells Rejects. Me and my small corp were stunned by this and the witch hunt that followed.

We made the decision to secretly leave the alliance and wormhole that night. After negotiating with the corp that left and with Hells Rejects we secretly took down our POS and got almost everything out Right before we got our last transport out the rejects respectfully dropped the cease fire and we lost one transport ship. Only had a small hangar in it, afterward we quickly left the alliance.

We were immediately branded "traitors" and were KOS to those left in the WH which was funny as we had nothing in the wormhole and never planned on coming back.

Shortly after we left the alliance quickly dissolved. Only to be reformed (somewhat) later under the same name. From then on I worked with a good in game friend named Crigga with a corp called Shepards of the dead and came up with the goal of going to Null sec, and spent the next couple of months working towards that goal.

My history in this game isnt that long compared to most and this to be honest is the short version. Good news is I'm halfway there. More to come later including the dissolving of the shepards followed by my Trek to the NC during their war with the south The siege of H-W and more.

Like any of you care =p


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