Friday, June 18, 2010

First days in the North *continued* "BFF"

Just around the time I start getting used to the typical routes between TVN, to H-W to UMI etc, a CTA goes out, and its a big one apparently. Corps were spammed for numbers particularly for Stealth bombers Dreads Titans, the works. I could've taken out my mega but the idea of a stealth bomber fleet intrigued me and has been something I wanted to do since I was able to fly the ship. Yet again learning to fly in a SB fleet was a completely new experience and I was learning on the fly.

As I would find out later, destination on many NC operations are "unknown" and "need to know". If you ask where you get the standard "spy" rhetoric so its best to just go with the flow and hope whatever you go after is juicy.

Started getting suspicious when I lost count of how many jumps we made. I think I stopped counting after 30. Even got stranger when we encountered a Goon fleet of 200 something odd drakes that joined up with the main fleet.

Before I continue when I first started playing EVE I heard snippets of null sec happenings, of the evil Northern Coalition, the bastards of Goonswarm, the might of Atlas and the Big brother BOB that swooped in to save the day. Boy how things change when you actually get into Null sec and see things for yourself.
That said, meeting with a Goonfleet for the first time was a experience unto it self. Reminded me of the few times I visited 4chans /b/ board just x200. If goons power ran on lcl spam. They would be unstopable. I tip my hat to the goons. They know how to put on a good fight from what Ive seen.

So yeah Goons joined up with the main fleet and I knew something big was going down. The SB fleet starts pulling ahead of the main group and before I now it we're in Delve and told we're en route to Querious (however you spell it) to kill a baby titan in production.

Our SB fleet lands in the system first and scouts out various points to warp in and initiate bombing runs and what not. Flying in a SB fleet you have to listen to the Bomber FC explicitly. Warp exactly when he tells you to because in a SB fleet you cannot see where your wingmates are and if you bump into one of them, odds are you have just killed you and your wingmate.
After we scope out several spots over the Reinforced POS we were told that the enemy is probably going to bring alot to save their baby Titan.

Main fleet arrives and starts blobing the POS, Enemy fleet never shows. IT spindoctors would go on to say "We didnt need that anyhow" or "It was junk parts no Titan was being made in it" riiiiiight.

Oh and right after get started Pandemic Legion hotdrops some caps into the field to help bring the pain to IT. First time I've ever seen Titans in combat \o/

Since enemy fleet was confirmed as a no show FC gave orders for us to approach decloak and get on some kill mails.

Some screenshots of said op

Note that I took damage in that fight because I was stupid and didnt have overview settings right and a few Pandemic legions members were netural to me, so I assumed they were enemy dreads and opened fire to get on some KM, they were kind enough to show me the errors of my ways by almost blowing me up =x. Welp!

I barely survived and continued on blowing up the tower and killing the baby Erebus.
It was in this fleet (I think) the FC had a contest to see who could come up with the best fastest B.F.F. banner that went with BRO FIST FORMATION as opposed to the old Best Friends Forever. I think the prize was like 20 mil but I went and made one up real quick. Some of you guys might have already seen it as I spam it every time BFF spam is called for and it actually got passed around a bit ^_^

It didnt get noticed at first but the attention its getting now is sufficient. I'm a child of the 80s and had a second hand Power glove when I was little. It was crap but awesome at the same time. I loved it when I saw it return to glory with the Angry Video game nerd.
The 80s nostalgia mixed with EVE made for a good combination I guess.

This fleet easily became the second best time I've ever had in a fleet to date. The best time comes up next when H-W gets seiged. o/ Thats all for now.

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