Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Hello, I'm a schizophrenic, and so am I." My first days in the NC

A while back when I had just helped get my old corp SOTD off the ground, I decided that Caldari was the route to go it had everything I liked in space ships, Missiles, and shields. So I stopped my Galante Cruiser V skill learning while it was at 43% and started up training for Caldari ships particularly Force Recon. Around the time I joined Reliables I was into topping off my E-War skills. By then I could also fly stealth bombers very effectively just never had enough SB wingmates to ever do any serious damage.

Sadly I learned quickly that caldari are not the PVP ships of choice in null sec particularly the NC (debatable to some peoples) I had always wanted to go the Carrier route eventually which would get me into the Chimera and eventually a Wyvern.This all leads to what I changed my skill plans to but Ill get to that again in a bit.

First day I spent bookmarking Jump bridges using a seemingly out of date map. Learning new lingo from FCs and furiously taking down notes as fast as I could. I had moved down a PVP Rook, Falcon, Nemesis, Raven, Scorpion and 2 drakes with me with enough ammo and fittings to last me about 20 ish fits for said ships.

Day 2 I tried to catch up to a already gone fleet from H-W and learned the first mistake of traveling in 0.0. Never use gates when you can use Jump bridges. Ran smack into a enemy gate camp in D-7 (which is almost always camped \o/ )-1 ship.

I think I made it to another fleet later in my scorpion and I had trouble finding the primary (didn't think to use "history" for designated targets) Jammed 2 random drakes a Mega and a Oneros then got primaried. -1 ship again.

This was around the time I talked to one of our directors and had a very long conversation about pvp ships and while the caldari had a handful of epic ships (Falcon, Onyx, Scorpion, Tengu) overall they're better suited for care-bearing then pvp. It was at that time I adopted a philosophy to go down a skill route that was 50% for myself and 50% to be useful. I had just finished the majority of EWAR skills so I immediate trained up for logistical ships. Because EVERYONE <3's logi's.

It would take me about 12 days to get the pre-req skills for logistics since I already had Caldari Cruisers to V. The director I had talked to recommended I take the Amarr route and get into their BS, Carriers, logistics and while that would have been awesome. Sadly it would've taken twice as long if not longer then my current skill plan. I opted to fall back on my Gallatne roots since I already had quite a amount of skill points there. This meant building up Megathrons, Brutixs and whatnot.

I bought what I could in our home system but the market even in Tribute was low at the time and I couldn't get everything. So I had the brilliant idea to take my falcon up to high sec and buy the supplies I needed.As I mentioned in my last post when I first joined Reliables we were in 3 war decs between AAA, -A- (I think) and some other corp I cant remember COW maybe. I knew that we were in a war dec but I have dodged station campers in falcons before just never in Jita. I figured if I spotted WTs on overview I could burn down away from station with MWD on quickly cloak and warp off. This was quite possibly my dumbest moment in EVE. I actually make it to Jita spend 20 minutes buying guns for my megas, skill books and I think a spare set of +3 implants click the undock button...


loaded back home in my clone station...

Yes I was instapopped and podded before I even loaded outside.

Was out 200 mill not including the ship loss. Oh and since I didnt have forum access it turns out I broke a important rule "NO LOSS MAILS IN JITA DURING WAR DEC'S" >_<. Was forgiven then given I didnt have access at the time. Still was a stupid mistake. Swore it would never happen again. And to this date, it hasn't. -1 ship. I forget what the other 2 were but at the end of day 5. Here I am in Null sec out 5 ships and little to show for it. Not looking good so far. I hoped my superiors didn't notice either.

I mine on my alt account like crazy and get some isk to make up for the loss's build me a mega with 2 back up BC's for CTAs with NC fittings. Its a Friday night and I hear about "Friday night lights" or something like that. It was apparently a drunk roam where you flew cheap crap under 10 mil or less and blobbed w/e you could to death. So using the best of the cheap stuff I could fly I fit up a 3 million isk blackbird using existing parts I had to keep the cost down insure it and head off to join these guys.

I forget where the roam took us but halfway into it I hear the FC call over TS; "Uh looks like things are pretty hectic in **-*** (I forget where) so we're getting pulled into a reinforcement fleet in H-W"

Well crap, I thought to myself. At the time all my PVP ships were in the home system in Vale so there was no time to grab em. Screw it I thought and charged forth with the fleet.

Some screenshots from said fleet

I consider this my first true NC fleet because I went throughout the entire fight didn't die and got on a handful of killmails. It was the most fun I had playin EVE since I started. It was also the first time Ive ever seen a Titan in person.
(was used as a Jump Bridge) Was exciting and a sign of things to come. By my 10th day my kills were tied with my loss's on battle clinic. And a few days after went above and beyond it. I was on the route to Logistics with the basilisk and decided to Finish Galante cruiser to V since it was already at 43% and have the option to fly the Onereos or the Basilisk. I flew megas whenever LR BS calls were issued and Ferox's whenever I lost the BS's.

I think that'll be all for now. Almost caught up to present day Shenanigans.

o7 until then

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