Sunday, January 30, 2011

Must update MOAR (New look! New Screenshots!)

As it is the late hours of the morning Im tired eating some Ramen before I go to sleep. So let me get started.

Not much to report in the Non-EVE gaming news, Im still playing StarCraft 2 and Halo Reach just a more reduced level. Between my last blog post I had gotten Call Of Duty Black ops and like MW2 enjoyed it for a short while but quickly grew annoyed by it. Which Ill cover on another post. ~_~
Definatly going to trade it in for Marvel Vs Capcom 3 which comes out next month. Excited about that.

Recently I started a 3rd account on EVE online making it 4 I'm responsible to keep alive (one of which belongs to a Empire friend) via plexs. Plexs are in game time cards you can buy with in game money to start accounts or keep them paid for a 30 day period.

By using plexs I dont have to pay real life cash for and can instead pay oh about 1.5 billion isk to plex all 4 accounts.

With 2 mining accounts and some donations from my empire friend (as thanks for plexing their account) This proves a difficult task. Needless to say I am working on it by mining and ratting ALOT. Put some investments in for a Tengu and need to pay off those debts while saving up for plexs WHILE saving up for a carrier Ill be able to fly in ehhhhhh 40ish days. ~_~

Not much normal gaming time to be had lol.

We had a pretty big mining op today. I estimate 40+ hulks dont know how many rorqs. Made the corp a ton of money and got to meet new and old corp members. Good times
Heres a youtube video

Been in some fun ops recently as well

some cool screenies hopefully next time I update my blog ill be less sleepy and more productive

Oh and another boring OP but I went anyways

See ya next time