Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Extra Credits

If these guys were in charge of the big corporations in the gaming industry the games we get would be soooo much better. The industry as a whole would be so much better.

Seriously ignore the silly voice gimmick the guy uses and check out ALL of their videos. I cannot endorse this anymore then I can.
Channel and website http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/extra-credits

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some of my favorite games/interests

Was talking to alot of friends on X-box live recently about various games including EVE, StarCraft 2, Homeworld, World of WarCraft , Halo Reach, Mass Effect 2 ETC.

And wanted to share with them and any who reads this blog -__- some cool trailers to EVE , Other awesome games I play and some cool video submitters you need to subscribe to on youtube and why.


This one is the first EVE online trailer I ever saw, It gives you a basic idea of how the game environment is. Its called "The Butterfly Effect"

This next one is from the Dominion Expansion It depicts a ficitious battle (loosely based on a real one) between a invading fleet vs a defending one. Its more space battle drama instead of representation of a actual fleet battle. But it is a inspiring and entertaining nonetheless

Next up is EVE trailer for Causality, similar to the butterfly effect trailer depicts a factious event based on actual events that took place in EVE online.

Mass Effect 2
"Best Xbox 360 game" 2010 VGA

My personal vote for Game of the Year 2010. Quite the epic game, if you have not played it go buy Mass Effect 1 and 2 and play them both.

Youtube posters to keep a eye on

This guy reviews Technology from the Xbox 360 to the PS3 to cell phones and games. He's very comprehensive un-biased and very insightful. His review of the HTC Aria helped me make my final decision on purchasing it.

The very eccentric very hyperactive caster of StarCraft 2 fame. His channel views, like, subscription count speak for itself. You know what those guys in the speakerbox at baseball games do? Husky does that for StarCraft 2 games (generally played in the pro leagues). He's also been invited to host/cast/commentate at MLG and Blizzard Tournaments. A avid and (somewhat pro) player himself his insight to the game and entertaining antics make a must watch for any StarCraft 2 fan who loves its competitive multiplayer.

Heres a example of a SC2 game casted by Husky

Oh and this guy deserves his own blog page from me but sadly I'm too tired.
Hes a amazing bassist you should listen to him and subscribe to his youtube channel.


See you next time

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In Soviet Tyrannis

Wish I had more to update but I've been playing my hand in too many games and not enough of any one in particular to note great things to blog about.

Not that any of my blogs talk about great things =x

Mainly Its lazyness. The only times I'm inspired to write (or type as it were) is at work. Where I dont have access to a computer and I am NOT going to use the wretched keyboard on my smartphone.

Lets start with EVE


Was able to purchase me a new ride in real life which drained my wallet to where My main account expired and my 2 alt accounts were in danger of running out of time. I spent the next 4 days mining in our corp system in Vale to get up enough money to plex my accounts.

(PLEX refers to a in game time card purchased with in game money adding a month of game time to the account)

Lets see after I reactivated my Apackof12ninjas account I see that our resident pesky roamer "Vlad" was in system again looking to get a easy kill. He apparently flys around vale alot lookin for industrial s to kill in his solo purifier (stealth bomber) I just so happend to have my double bubble cloaky sabre ( a light interdictor with 2 bubble launchers and a cloaking device)

I had just wrapped up mining for the day and was fixing to haul in my 5 cans of bistot ore on Apackof12miners. Vlad starts a little chitchat in local and is spotted leaving the system. I and a few others follow and he leads us in a circle which eventually comes back to our system again. By this time I decide to set a trap for dear Vlad by warping in my orca to the belt to pick up the cans and hopefully get scanned down by Vlad. I planned to spring it by uncloaking my Sabre nearby bubbling the Purifier and popping him with my T2 Autocannons.

Sadly he had already discovered my miners hidden belt and bookmarked it. He was there to see me warp my sabre there , cloak it and commented in local. Said he was tempted and left system.

We chased after him system to system hoping to get lucky. Came close once but he got away. Decided to camp the choke point at the constellation exit, setting another trap while we had a 3 man gang chase him around the systems till he decided to leave.

Finally spotted him on my cloaky alt and when he hit the gate we sprung the trap. But he got away again. Stealth bombers are hard enough to catch but this guy was good. Hopefully will catch him next time.

Not many fleets formed since the NC's Morsis Mihi and Razor pulled out of the Drone Offensive due to Pandemic legion harassment. Rage and Majesta remained committed to the defense of Geminate and the surrounding regions we captured. But the outlook isnt looking to be in our favor.

PL's attacks are ever ruthless and the pristine NC FC"s seem to be all but retired. Even so the NC has survived worse. We will prevail we will survive.

Ah serious business aside had a interesting situation today. Last night I finished Anchor V which allows for the skill "Starbase defense management"

This skill alows one to take over a POS gun or more depending on skills. As with any new skill I like to test out how it works. So I warp Apack to the nearest POS in our system man one of the medium guns put my Alt Miner in a Apocolypse. After learning the mechanics of controlling the gun I fired a few shots and warped my miner to the station to dock up to recharge its shields. Wanted to test fire the big gun to see how much damage it did.

Now before I did anything with the POS guns I convo'ed a director about how if I did such a experiment would the entire stations guns would not all bear down on me. I was told they would not.

Sad to say this was incorrect or at least a new glitch simliar to when Tyrannis expansion first came out.

When I had warped back to the POS in horror I watched as my screen began to be filled with yellow box's which turned red which started shooting at me. Though only the small lasers were hitting me the warp scramblers and the lack of self rep was enough to eventually take me out. A corp buddy had come to help out was a few seconds too late from turning off the warp scramblers.

Be it glitch or game design lesson learned. I'm not too sad or angry over the loss. Fair amount of the expensive parts were dropped and recovered by me. I ejected the cargo before the ship blew up and the insurance covered the loss of the trimarks (armor enhancement rigs).

More to come later.