Saturday, November 6, 2010

Screenshot Saturday

Not gonna lie was inspired by a NC's brosefs blog on this one but I got a screen-shot from a fleet

We reffed the Station in said system setup for a big big fight come Tuesday

Friday, November 5, 2010


EVE Online

Yes my miner is now a combat pilot. Specifically flying a Amarr Battleship the Apocalypse
Its been my plan for awhile now to transition my miner who can now fly (and has) a Rorqual to a Full combat pilot. Well sort of full. I still plan to mine and haul with him when the need arise but for most fleets Apackof12miners is going to fly escort with me in his Apoc =D

Eventually I plan to get him into a Amarr Dreadnaught The Revelation.

Since Apackof12Ninjas is heading down the Carrier/Super Carrier path this added to the fact that Apackof12miners has Captial ships skills being able to fly a Rorq this just makes sense.

Gotta say, I love flying Amarr ships, Kinda wish I had trained them from the get go on Apackof12ninjas. But oh well. Too much cross training on that front already.

As for how the NC campaign against the russians well everything has been going well. We continue to push into Russian space. Been in several fleets heres some screen-shots

Oh and speaking of getting my Miner to combat I actually 2 boxed in a short fleet to see if i could and it was funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Thats it for EVE

Halo Reach
While playing Halo Reach tonight I had a interesting discussion with some of my friends whilest playing.

For some reason or another I was asked why I hated MLG. To be fair I had to double back and correct myself.

I do not hate Major League Gaming, What I do hate is what MLG is to Halo. A set of "rules" and gametypes that literally strip Halo of 2/3 of its gameplay and labels itself "Pro"

I also hate the condecending attitude of most "Halo MLG" players. I'm sorry but to take out 2/3s of the gameplay and change the rules of the game to me is anything but Halo, So I do not consider "Halo MLG" pro or skillful.

I like most MLG gaming because they take the game for what it is in its competitive multiplayer. With 100% of its gameplay intact.

Take StarCraft 2 for example. Whats the difference between a MLG SC2 game or Tourny game hosted by Blizzard? Nothing. Whats the difference between both of those and a standard Battlenet multiplayer game? Nothing.

MLG Halo conversely starts you off with a ranged precession weapon (which you normally would have to scout and precure on the map) on small maps with no vehicles or most power weapons. Your pretty much playing Counter Strike at that point. Theres little strategy, just point and shoot.

Actualy Halo Multiplayer is more then that. Sometimes theres vehicles sometimes there isn't power weapons and you dont start out with one of the most powerful mid range weapons in the game. You actually have to go out and get somethin better then the default. But to each his own I guess.

StarCraft 2

Banshee Rush still remains my strongest build order but most of the time I just spawn 2-4 banshees and do some heavy harassing, and expand. If the banshees are doing enuogh damage I keep pushing till I see the GG.

If they dont I should have a strong enough economy to push out some siege tanks and Thors mixed with marine maruder (from 1 rax) and some medivacs. So Banshees soften em up and The army that comes after seals the deal.

I'm practicing to get better at all the basics but I cant seem to get any higher then 21 rank in my Silver league division. At least most people I face post "Good luck have fun" *aka GL HF*

I plan on uploading some short games of win and fail soon.

Thats all for now.