Thursday, August 5, 2010

6 weeks...Has it really been that long?

Wow alot has happened in the last month in my off line life (RL for you net-dwellers) and unfortunately my EVE time has dwindled.

Last 2 months saw the conclusion to Max 2 and with it the crazy everyday fights we so much enjoyed. The Russians have then been our primary focus as Majesta Empire and Rage border them. Ops in Geminate be a plenty.

But sadly every time I'm online with plenty of time available to play there be no fleets up. PB be fairly active with fresh roams but is really a pain to get to as it lies in the Northern territory of the NC. Leaving me with very little to talk about. I could continue reminiscing about my first days in the NC but 90% of that save the Titan kill was it. LOTS of stuff happened afterwords but by then I was broken in and I feel if I try to cover all of it Ill be writing past events while the present constantly being pushed back in wait.

So TLDR During the siege of H-W , well after it ended we managed to kill a Atlas Titan. woohoo \o/

Not too much to brag about but many have played the game for years or less and still have yet to get in on one. Moving along though.
To catch those who've been wondering where I've been offline.

On the 4th of July whilst playing with fireworks celebrating Americas biggest holiday to blow crap up, I mis-read a situation where I thought a mortar was inserted incorrectly into a tube after I lit it, I immediately didn't want to figure out whether i was right or wrong and chose to turn and run. I did hard and fast, but my foot didn't land quite the way I wanted. But while still being too close I continue to run on the injury making it worse. Despite my fears it exploded in the sky wonderfully proving my effort to escape vain.

Its been more then a month now and the swelling is still there but subsiding. Its been a long long month where I had to limp for more then half of it, wear a annoying brace and avoid strenuous activity's (which was almost impossible due to work). Also given that I couldnt get into fleets and Ratting/mining was burning me out, I've retreated to XBL. Been playing Halo 3 alot in anticipation of Halo Reach.

Plus Star Craft 2 coming out last week is'nt helping things. (<---Big SC fan) But I hav'nt been completely inactive, Ive made it to at least 3-4 fleets a week mostly as Logistical Cruiser support and I've nearly save up enough money via deals to buy me a Rorqual to aid in corp and personal logistics. Even gotten on a few KMs while flying logi. Interdictors is next up on the ship list before I buckle down for T2 rails for my battleships and start the long long road to carriers. Oh and flying fast tackle interceptors is as fun as flying logi. Expect to be left out on some KMs T_T

Fly safe Will hopefully have some more storys to talk about next time.