Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reliables Inc. We send you on the Pod Express™ in style

Last few weeks saw me get into a new place. New internet, new leaks, new rent and 4 of my accounts being disabled since I wasnt able to plex them in time. Mainly because moving took too long.

Been working all week to get money via mining to get those accounts back online. 2 nights ago though was wrapping up some mining. When I see on Intel channels that two myrmidons attacking some blues in N-H, since I was next door I hopped in my cyno fit onyx and went on the chase.

We had 5-6 guys in our TS channel who promptly went after him as well.

Seeing reports that he was already in V-O and heading out, I go to our Jump bridge and get ahead of them. Intercepting them at 8tpx. By then one of our Titan pilots logs in, hops in channel and asks us what we are doing. He quickly hops in fleet and tells me to let him know when the myrm agress's .

I catch one of them at a gate. His buddy who was 1 system over comes back and agress's me, then the second mrym agress's I bubble them and light the cyno

IN comes the Leviathan POP goes the myrmidon local shows their horror and surprise
Kaker > wtf
Kaker > levithan
Apackof12Ninjas > welcome to the north!

Not to be completely outdone as the Levi jumps in, I jump my brand spanking new Archon Apackof12miners to seal the deal on the 2nd Myrm.

The next night, before I could wrap up our mining our resident stealth bomber pest (hey vlad o/ =p ) decided to stop by our system and forced all our miners to get safe. Nearly taking out a Orca (not mine) in the process. Plan was to bait him but was dismissed in favor of camping him at the chokepoint system out of the pocket.

We had pretty good camp with tons of cans to decloak vlad with a bubble for good measure. We knew we had a lousy chance of actually catching him, but we had to prove a point. We dont sit idly by and let our enemys fly through our space if there is something we can do about it.

While we wait a malediction jumps in much to our surprsie.

He sees us and gate crash's, We jump in after him.

He gate crashs again. We follow.

Eventually he runs back up the pipe and is almost out when he is caught by a drameil and tackled. I rush my onyx there but not fast enough and the Drameli dies. But we ended up getting within range and burning him down, despite losing the battle on terms of isk, I decided to end it with a laugh by launching a bubble catching his pod and cyno'ing in my Archon >=)

I commented in local "Welcome to the North, We like to send you out in style o/"

Yes it took 45 seconds to lock the pod, even got some comments from him in local

"Really?......." ">_>......."

Yes Really,

Thats all for now

Until next time o/

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Miners miners everywhere not a rock to strip...

Stress in real life is taking its toll, I'm moving soon so most of my time is being dedicated to that and I just dont feel like playing much EVE.

Though I do mine from time to time.

Multi boxing stress tests go on and things look promising

3 days 2-3 hours per day nett'ed me about 1,290,000,000 isk not bad
And its only going to get better once those Retrievers get into Hulks >=)

Not too long ago logged onto to do some mining and got called into a CTA
Turned out to be a big super capital slug fest and there I am sitting in a oneros....

Shouldve gotten into my HIC *sigh*

Oh well fights a fight and I did get onto 4 TItan Killmails in addition to a Nyx.

Some screenshots from the fight

Fun fun, Even bigger fights came up the following Saturday but I was unable to attend due to prior obligations.

Sorry to have this bit be short and sweet but too much going on and too stressed lately to be posting, but heres some parting screenshots from recent days....

Oh and who says you cant do a Home defense and keep mining ?

Been piloting a cyno onyx as of late and was part of two hotdrop/bait traps. First one scored a frigate gang. Was a bit nervous but it went off (near) perfectly. Out of 15 odd ships only 2 get away.

Second trap went for 2 machrials and Tengu's but by acting under the FCs orders I lit the cyno prematurely before they agress and the machariels burn off and get away before they could get tackled by raipers and my onyx.

Hopefully next time ill remember to FRAPs it or get screenshots.

Until next time o/

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Russian invasion , roaming, and Apackof60miners??

Fair amount has happened in the last few weeks. Most which you already know about if your a EVE player in the Northern Coalition.

Which I wont get into...much. Suffice to say the Drone Russian Federation (referred hereafter as DRF) couldnt get enough of two failed invasions and has opt'd to try a 3rd time. But this time with some spice and a straight up kick to the teeth.

Started with a meta-game disband of Rebellion alliance which acted as buffer between DRF space and NC space. Followed up by some heavy heavy super capital fighting until Uemon happened, Where 10 NC Titans died in a horrible horrible fire.\

DRF is like "lol we pwned" NC was like "we didnt need those titanz anywayz".

Several factors that contributed to the fail was veteran NC FC's simply making a "bad call" by jumping Titans into low sec to begin with, the major fail though was the lag. In a lag fight like this ye with the most drones or fight bombers wins. And the DRF fielded twice as many super-carriers as the NC.

Had this been a actual fight and not traditional CCP lagfights. I cant say for sure how many Titans would've been killed but the loss's would've been alot more equal.

Though this is not the first time Super Capital fights have resulted in questionable loss's nor will it be the last.

It hurt...but we press on.

As of last report we've retaken every station system the DRF initially took over.

Meanwhile Ive been busy training up mining characters in a way to make some money mining less with more. I'm also cutting costs on battleships and some modules with BPC and some BPO production.

About 1 or 2 blog posts ago (I'm too lazy to check) I mentioned how I had trouble plexing 4 accounts with 2 miners. (1 in training)
I ended up talking to a fellow miner who

Had a talk with a fellow miner who had about 11+ accounts and decided to see how easy or hard it would be for me to try a similar setup.
After much discussion and number crunching and seeing how it would cost 0$ RL money, also taking into the fact if it fails, at the worst I will have left over Hulk capable accounts that could be sold/given away at the cheap.

So heres how it works

Using my 4 primary accounts (IE accounts I already plex and are active) I make 4 buddy tokens and 4 trial accounts using those 4 buddy tokens. (when I plex the 4 trial accounts via the buddy program my 4 primary accounts will receive 30 days free XD)

I spend some seed money to get them all +3 implants and appropriate skill books up to mining barge (exhumer skill books at the time are a bit too costly)

I begin training them to hulks as fast as possible to meet the 51 day deadline(21 free day trial +1 30 day plex) of having to plex 8 accounts with 2 miners (nightmare!!!).

I should complete the hulk training 4-5 days before the accounts must be plexed allowing me to mine with 6 hulks and 1 rorq with boosts/hauling. To quickly pay off the 8 plexs which is about 2,560,000,000 isk per month. Which with that many hulks and a rorq I can pull off easily.

The only real problem is...can my computers handle it?

Did a minor stress test and results were good.
(see picture)

Running all 8 accounts at the same time whilest mining is going to be difficult but not impossible i think. I plan to run another stress test by taking the 4 new accounts down to our mining system in retrievers. (dubbed "The Retriever army")

This will be a true stress test of things to come since its like mining with a gimped retard hulk reject clones with +10 handicaps. They will fill their bays with ore quickly, probably too quickly and will have virtually no tank. I will attempt to counter this with rigs and ablative armor ala hobgoblin t1 drones. (which I have a BPO crunching out a infinite amount).

Should I be able to easily (or decently) control the "Retriever Army" along my usual ones, controlling them once they get into Hulks will be a cinch.

So far Ive put about 1.7 billion into the plan (1.2billion of it being Plexs the other .5 being Hulk BPCs and initial skillbooks implants)

Oh and here are the character names

The plan is that these many hulks will allow me to mine a ton of ore for not only money but production that will lower my expenses on ships, modules and other things. Not only in greater amount of ore but in less time, so I wont have to mine 4-5 days a week but maybe 1-2.

We'll see how it works out. So far so good.

Been a bit more active in Home Defense and roaming our space with some friends from MetalWorks (MTW) and Reliables INC (23-7)

Was going to blog about them sooner but well its a rather bad week , tax's , terrible roommate, etc etc. you know how it is.

Logged in one day and saw we had 5 neutrals in our pocket. Hurricane 2 Drakes, and two scimitars. Formed up with some local alliance mates and got a FC to lead us. Hopped in my Onyx ( Heavy Interdictor Cruiser aka HIC) and suggested we duck around to our Jump bridges to sneak up above the pipe to our pocket of space and forming up there so we can ambush them as they leave.

We form up as they continue to search the pocket for ratters/miners/idiots who dont pay attention.

Plan doesnt work on the first try, We almost kill one of the drakes who scouted ahead of his buddies and burned back into the stargate in retreat.

We did not pursue as they HAD to go through the system in order to escape our space.
So naturally, they logged off all 5 and logged in a new 6th alt to watch us and scout them out. But with that alt watching/scouting us we knew they would never log in. So I suggested we move out to the system that was 1 out from the choke point system and hold next door.
The plan was to let their scout come out see nothing and we jump in and close off the choke once again.

Sure enough the alt cautiously scouted himself out and once he left the target system the other 5 logged back in and started making their way out.
Once we see them log in and the scout leave we jump in and close off the choke instantly landing on the Hurricane which died quickly.

The remaining Drakes and Scimitars (BattleCruiser and Shield logistics btw) quickly turned around and were once again trapped in the pipe to our pocket space. Our FC was in a scouting protetous with heavy tank and tackle was busy probing them out and getting close but not quite.

We humorously offered to let their pods out if they left their ships which they opted in lcl to "take their chances"

We eventually nabbed one of their scimitars which died.

The other Drakes and scimi took the chance to get out and one of the drakes got caught by fast tackle in p3 almost escaping but not quite

His buddy's didn't look back

Dont expect to see them again in our space =)

Did a P3/gate camp which turned into a roam which got some fun kills

See links

oh and a awesome vaga kill that claims I pointed him from 200km away XD


Also tried testing out ye old Two boxing in fleets for funzies in one of the biggest fleets I'd been in a while flying a oneros and a Armageddon
Wasnt that hard mainly because it was rather....uneventful Russians were posed but declined to attack, not that I can blame them =p

Heres some recent screenshots of that and other fun

Hero hulk that nearly died TWICE, Once yesterday once day before, same situation BOTH times XD

Hero Tengu had to come overheat guns and cut out the DPS enough for the shield booster to save him.

Until next time o/

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A bit of propaganda....

I technically got two vids in the work for Northern Coalition propaganda made just for laughts.

This is the first one.

Yes I failed and mispelled the great Imperians name. For that I apologize XD

But hey the rest is funny right? Good.

Be sure to read the details/credits for more info.

Working on some more "general information" videos about gaming myself and EVE, SC2 and Halo Reach to come.

Until next time.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Must update MOAR (New look! New Screenshots!)

As it is the late hours of the morning Im tired eating some Ramen before I go to sleep. So let me get started.

Not much to report in the Non-EVE gaming news, Im still playing StarCraft 2 and Halo Reach just a more reduced level. Between my last blog post I had gotten Call Of Duty Black ops and like MW2 enjoyed it for a short while but quickly grew annoyed by it. Which Ill cover on another post. ~_~
Definatly going to trade it in for Marvel Vs Capcom 3 which comes out next month. Excited about that.

Recently I started a 3rd account on EVE online making it 4 I'm responsible to keep alive (one of which belongs to a Empire friend) via plexs. Plexs are in game time cards you can buy with in game money to start accounts or keep them paid for a 30 day period.

By using plexs I dont have to pay real life cash for and can instead pay oh about 1.5 billion isk to plex all 4 accounts.

With 2 mining accounts and some donations from my empire friend (as thanks for plexing their account) This proves a difficult task. Needless to say I am working on it by mining and ratting ALOT. Put some investments in for a Tengu and need to pay off those debts while saving up for plexs WHILE saving up for a carrier Ill be able to fly in ehhhhhh 40ish days. ~_~

Not much normal gaming time to be had lol.

We had a pretty big mining op today. I estimate 40+ hulks dont know how many rorqs. Made the corp a ton of money and got to meet new and old corp members. Good times
Heres a youtube video

Been in some fun ops recently as well

some cool screenies hopefully next time I update my blog ill be less sleepy and more productive

Oh and another boring OP but I went anyways

See ya next time

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Extra Credits

If these guys were in charge of the big corporations in the gaming industry the games we get would be soooo much better. The industry as a whole would be so much better.

Seriously ignore the silly voice gimmick the guy uses and check out ALL of their videos. I cannot endorse this anymore then I can.
Channel and website

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some of my favorite games/interests

Was talking to alot of friends on X-box live recently about various games including EVE, StarCraft 2, Homeworld, World of WarCraft , Halo Reach, Mass Effect 2 ETC.

And wanted to share with them and any who reads this blog -__- some cool trailers to EVE , Other awesome games I play and some cool video submitters you need to subscribe to on youtube and why.


This one is the first EVE online trailer I ever saw, It gives you a basic idea of how the game environment is. Its called "The Butterfly Effect"

This next one is from the Dominion Expansion It depicts a ficitious battle (loosely based on a real one) between a invading fleet vs a defending one. Its more space battle drama instead of representation of a actual fleet battle. But it is a inspiring and entertaining nonetheless

Next up is EVE trailer for Causality, similar to the butterfly effect trailer depicts a factious event based on actual events that took place in EVE online.

Mass Effect 2
"Best Xbox 360 game" 2010 VGA

My personal vote for Game of the Year 2010. Quite the epic game, if you have not played it go buy Mass Effect 1 and 2 and play them both.

Youtube posters to keep a eye on

This guy reviews Technology from the Xbox 360 to the PS3 to cell phones and games. He's very comprehensive un-biased and very insightful. His review of the HTC Aria helped me make my final decision on purchasing it.

The very eccentric very hyperactive caster of StarCraft 2 fame. His channel views, like, subscription count speak for itself. You know what those guys in the speakerbox at baseball games do? Husky does that for StarCraft 2 games (generally played in the pro leagues). He's also been invited to host/cast/commentate at MLG and Blizzard Tournaments. A avid and (somewhat pro) player himself his insight to the game and entertaining antics make a must watch for any StarCraft 2 fan who loves its competitive multiplayer.

Heres a example of a SC2 game casted by Husky

Oh and this guy deserves his own blog page from me but sadly I'm too tired.
Hes a amazing bassist you should listen to him and subscribe to his youtube channel.


See you next time