Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Miners miners everywhere not a rock to strip...

Stress in real life is taking its toll, I'm moving soon so most of my time is being dedicated to that and I just dont feel like playing much EVE.

Though I do mine from time to time.

Multi boxing stress tests go on and things look promising

3 days 2-3 hours per day nett'ed me about 1,290,000,000 isk not bad
And its only going to get better once those Retrievers get into Hulks >=)

Not too long ago logged onto to do some mining and got called into a CTA
Turned out to be a big super capital slug fest and there I am sitting in a oneros....

Shouldve gotten into my HIC *sigh*

Oh well fights a fight and I did get onto 4 TItan Killmails in addition to a Nyx.

Some screenshots from the fight

Fun fun, Even bigger fights came up the following Saturday but I was unable to attend due to prior obligations.

Sorry to have this bit be short and sweet but too much going on and too stressed lately to be posting, but heres some parting screenshots from recent days....

Oh and who says you cant do a Home defense and keep mining ?

Been piloting a cyno onyx as of late and was part of two hotdrop/bait traps. First one scored a frigate gang. Was a bit nervous but it went off (near) perfectly. Out of 15 odd ships only 2 get away.

Second trap went for 2 machrials and Tengu's but by acting under the FCs orders I lit the cyno prematurely before they agress and the machariels burn off and get away before they could get tackled by raipers and my onyx.

Hopefully next time ill remember to FRAPs it or get screenshots.

Until next time o/