Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reliables Inc. We send you on the Pod Express™ in style

Last few weeks saw me get into a new place. New internet, new leaks, new rent and 4 of my accounts being disabled since I wasnt able to plex them in time. Mainly because moving took too long.

Been working all week to get money via mining to get those accounts back online. 2 nights ago though was wrapping up some mining. When I see on Intel channels that two myrmidons attacking some blues in N-H, since I was next door I hopped in my cyno fit onyx and went on the chase.

We had 5-6 guys in our TS channel who promptly went after him as well.

Seeing reports that he was already in V-O and heading out, I go to our Jump bridge and get ahead of them. Intercepting them at 8tpx. By then one of our Titan pilots logs in, hops in channel and asks us what we are doing. He quickly hops in fleet and tells me to let him know when the myrm agress's .

I catch one of them at a gate. His buddy who was 1 system over comes back and agress's me, then the second mrym agress's I bubble them and light the cyno

IN comes the Leviathan POP goes the myrmidon local shows their horror and surprise
Kaker > wtf
Kaker > levithan
Apackof12Ninjas > welcome to the north!

Not to be completely outdone as the Levi jumps in, I jump my brand spanking new Archon Apackof12miners to seal the deal on the 2nd Myrm.

The next night, before I could wrap up our mining our resident stealth bomber pest (hey vlad o/ =p ) decided to stop by our system and forced all our miners to get safe. Nearly taking out a Orca (not mine) in the process. Plan was to bait him but was dismissed in favor of camping him at the chokepoint system out of the pocket.

We had pretty good camp with tons of cans to decloak vlad with a bubble for good measure. We knew we had a lousy chance of actually catching him, but we had to prove a point. We dont sit idly by and let our enemys fly through our space if there is something we can do about it.

While we wait a malediction jumps in much to our surprsie.

He sees us and gate crash's, We jump in after him.

He gate crashs again. We follow.

Eventually he runs back up the pipe and is almost out when he is caught by a drameil and tackled. I rush my onyx there but not fast enough and the Drameli dies. But we ended up getting within range and burning him down, despite losing the battle on terms of isk, I decided to end it with a laugh by launching a bubble catching his pod and cyno'ing in my Archon >=)

I commented in local "Welcome to the North, We like to send you out in style o/"

Yes it took 45 seconds to lock the pod, even got some comments from him in local

"Really?......." ">_>......."

Yes Really,

Thats all for now

Until next time o/