Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some of my favorite games/interests

Was talking to alot of friends on X-box live recently about various games including EVE, StarCraft 2, Homeworld, World of WarCraft , Halo Reach, Mass Effect 2 ETC.

And wanted to share with them and any who reads this blog -__- some cool trailers to EVE , Other awesome games I play and some cool video submitters you need to subscribe to on youtube and why.


This one is the first EVE online trailer I ever saw, It gives you a basic idea of how the game environment is. Its called "The Butterfly Effect"

This next one is from the Dominion Expansion It depicts a ficitious battle (loosely based on a real one) between a invading fleet vs a defending one. Its more space battle drama instead of representation of a actual fleet battle. But it is a inspiring and entertaining nonetheless

Next up is EVE trailer for Causality, similar to the butterfly effect trailer depicts a factious event based on actual events that took place in EVE online.

Mass Effect 2
"Best Xbox 360 game" 2010 VGA

My personal vote for Game of the Year 2010. Quite the epic game, if you have not played it go buy Mass Effect 1 and 2 and play them both.

Youtube posters to keep a eye on

This guy reviews Technology from the Xbox 360 to the PS3 to cell phones and games. He's very comprehensive un-biased and very insightful. His review of the HTC Aria helped me make my final decision on purchasing it.

The very eccentric very hyperactive caster of StarCraft 2 fame. His channel views, like, subscription count speak for itself. You know what those guys in the speakerbox at baseball games do? Husky does that for StarCraft 2 games (generally played in the pro leagues). He's also been invited to host/cast/commentate at MLG and Blizzard Tournaments. A avid and (somewhat pro) player himself his insight to the game and entertaining antics make a must watch for any StarCraft 2 fan who loves its competitive multiplayer.

Heres a example of a SC2 game casted by Husky

Oh and this guy deserves his own blog page from me but sadly I'm too tired.
Hes a amazing bassist you should listen to him and subscribe to his youtube channel.


See you next time

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